Milk Free Mama is born!

Hello world!  Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all, let me take a moment to formally introduce myself.  My name is Cimberly and I am the proud mama of three delicious little boys.  J is 4 1/2 (going on 14), B is 21 months, and M is 2 months today! (I’m a big believer in celebrating even the littlest moments – Happy 2 month birthday M!).

Newly minted a mama of three, my life has gone from fairly organized and routine to pure chaos, fast.  On little sleep, each day I attempt to be the best mom I can be, which isn’t always easy when all three boys are demanding my attention at the same time.  More often than not, M is in the moby wrap while I carry B and talk to J.  It’s exhausting and exciting all at once.

My husband, Eric, and I are amazed at how different each dude is even at an early age.  J is the ultimate talker and the worst eater.  As an infant, it would take him forty minutes to nurse and he would fall asleep every time.  B is our mover and climber and he eats like a champ, but doesn’t have nearly the same amount of words J did at his age.  Even as a newborn, B was an efficient eater despite acid reflux and he stayed wide awake when he was finished.  M is already cooing up a storm and smiling lots, but he likes to be held constantly (not the easiest task with 2 other dudes demanding I use my arms to reach this or get that – thank you moby wrap ( for making it all a little easier!

I nursed my two oldest dudes for 12 months and my goal is to do the same for M.  However, M’s situation is a bit different.  When B was a baby, we discovered he had acid reflux and with a little help from our friend Zantac, he improved dramatically.  So when M started making the same choking noises (minus the spit-up), we naturally thought he too had reflux.  Zantac was an epic fail and the choking and unhappiness continued until the night I found blood in his poop.  Oh that miserable diaper – I rue the day that poop came to be!  The next morning, we found out M has a milk protein allergy and our pediatrician suggested specialized formula or that I completely cut all dairy and soy from my diet in order to continue nursing.   I chose the latter and Milk Free Mama was born!

To keep my mind off of cheese, I plan to document my year-long journey navigating my way through a dairy and soy free diet so that I can continue breastfeeding Mr. M (cue Jewish guilt).  So long frozen yogurt and hello So Delicious Dairy/Soy-Free ice cream (, which for those of you who know me, is a huge deal.  Hopefully, without my nightly purchases, Yogurt & Such won’t go out of business!  My dad and I are marking an official “DAIRY DAY” party on our December 2014 calendars to celebrate my year-long hiatus from beloved bagels with cheese and delicious frozen yogurt/ice cream treats!

I’m actually excited to try out new recipes.  In just one week, I’ve already made a few exciting new dishes and gained new insights.  I look forward to sharing it all!

Join me as I embark on this crazy adventure as a milk free mama of 3!  Stay tuned for the Milk Free Mama Challenge (hint: it’s not what you think!).

Milk free one week and still going strong!



Mama Love <3

Mama Love <3



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