April and May passed by like lightening…  I’ve been so busy with the kids, preparing for my cousin’s upcoming wedding festivities, celebrating my other cousin’s nuptials, among a few other exciting happenings, that it feels as though time is passing at warp speed.

Twice today, I was reminded of just how quickly time passes through the eyes of two friends (I actually get a daily reminder of this with my children, but seeing it from others’ perspectives made it all the more real).  My first friend (a summer buddy and new-ish mama – you know who you are) posted a picture of her beautiful daughter’s hands with a caption regarding how time is passing by and her daughter’s hands are growing so fast – the same hands that will one day not want to hold her mother’s so that she can hold a boy’s – the same hands that will one day drive a car… Her baby is one, yet she still feels the fear that her daughter is aging too quickly.  I know that feeling all too well… Sometimes, I am afraid if I blink for just a second too long, my boys will be off to college.

The second reminder came today during a conversation with my college roommate (let’s be honest – every time I hear her voice I am reminded of all the years separating “cimbrielle & gaberly” (our cutesy nicknames) from the Mrs. M and Mrs. W we are today (love you GW).  We were talking about my cousin’s wedding this past Memorial Day Weekend.  She wanted all the wedding details and as we talked, she marveled at how quickly time flew by from when we were discussing her own upcoming wedding back last October and my cousin’s over MDW, which at the time, seemed so far away.

Which further reminded me just how quickly the months flowed on.  Baby M was born the day before my college roommate’s wedding.  She’s now been married 6 months – Baby M just turned 6 months.  How could it be that my tiny little baby boy is already 6 months old.  This big milestone crept up on me during all the daily (and additional) chaos that is my life right now and I was actually surprised.  With J & B, I took the time to prepare little crowns for their 6 month milestone birthdays.  I  spent at least 45 minutes posing J for pictures  with his milestone month signs.  I spent a lot, but less time than with  J, photographing B.  At 6 PM, I realized I hadn’t taken M’s picture or made him a crown.  While my big boys played in the bathtub, I stood over the sink cutting and decorating M’s little crown, and later, taking his photos (thankfully, he looks right at me and smiles, so there’s no need for 45 minute photo session – 45 extra minutes I definitely don’t have these days!)

I sit here literally in shock that my 3rd child is already half-way to a year old.  That if I choose to nurse him as long as I did my older boys, we only have 6 more months of this beautiful bonding time.  That he’s starting to seem like a “real person, a real boy” (according to his daddy).  That he interacts now and tries to play with toys and books and his brothers and the dog.  That he smiles when he looks at us because he knows us all now beyond smell and voice.  That 4 months have passed since I went completely dairy and soy free and that I have been nut and egg free (and happily, I might add) for 3 months.  In these past few weeks, baby M learned to use his arms and the strength of his upper body to commando “crawl” on the floor, to sleep in his crib alone throughout the night (eliminating the several night feedings), and to begin eating solid food (which he’s doing with gusto and an innate understanding that lifting a spoon to his mouth causes immediate happiness).

[As a side note, although M is my third child, I am still just as enthusiastic about watching him try new foods as I was with his two brothers.  My husband is still teasing that I am like baby paparazzi, my camera nearly attached to the spoon as he tries his first bites of oatmeal & barley cereals.  I am however more nervous with M because of his allergic tendencies.  So far, so good, but I am being mindful and watchful.]

And watching M grow reminds me just how quickly J & B are growing too.  B celebrated his 2nd birthday in April, which just blows my mind.  He’s so strong and handsome and smart and I can’t believe he is already 2, ready to start separation camp this summer and then a school program in the fall. How is it possible?  Weren’t E and I just discussing the idea of a second baby??? Now we have 3 growing boys!

And in just a few weeks, J graduates nursery school.  That’s really freaking me out.  In just a few months’ time I will have a child in kindergarten.  It seems like yesterday that I was pushing J around in his stroller, just he and I against the world.  My smart, inquisitive, handsome little boy, will be a big public school kid next year. OMG!

I recently worked on a digital photo-book for my grandmother to celebrate her 8oth birthday.  My grandfather included a message to her, “…the years passed by like a bullet…” and as I watch my children hitting and moving beyond milestones, counting the years since I graduated high school and college, recounting moments from my own wedding and the beautiful anniversaries shared with E since then, my grandfather’s words hit just a little too close to home.

Another summer friend of mine recently started an initiative called “VowTo,” promoting people to be grateful, appreciative, and to stay in the moment.  I am completely in adoration of this initiative and the quickly passing milestones along with the small daily happenings are a present reminder for me to be present and mindful and engaged in life before I wake up one morning and realize I am a great-grandmother, like my own grandma (G-d willing!).  So in honor of milestones and my three beautiful boys and all that is still yet to come for us as a family, I “VowTo” be an active, willing, and happy participant in my own life and the life I share with the ones I love… Time to put the mishegas (“craziness” for all you non-Yiddush speakers) aside and focus on what really matters.

I remember being a teenager and my parents saying that once you get to a certain age, the years just fly by.  When you’re young, you want nothing more than to grow up, to move onto the next exciting phase in your life.  Now, as I watch my three little boys grow so quickly before my eyes, I want nothing more than to slow down each day, to fully enjoy each fleeting moment of my time with them while they are young and filled with pure excitement and joy at what lies ahead.

J at 6 months old

  J at 6 months old


B at 6 months old

B at 6 months old

M at 6 months old

M at 6 months old

So here’s to love for my boys and all the milestones past and yet to come.  Together with Daddy, we’re prepared for fun-times ahead!