You Take The Good, You Take The Bad, You Take It All And There You Have

Hello Friends – It’s been a while since I’ve had time to post (and I actually just wrote this entire VERY long post and my computer deleted it – FML – So here we go again…).  To say the last few weeks have been hectic is an understatement.  So much is going on and one glass of wine in and I am ready to share!

Let’s start with my big guy — He’s LOVING Kindergarten (thank goodness).  He’s thriving in school and loves recess, center time, library, and play-time (all things kids his age do love!).  His writing skills are improving every day and he’s even reading a bit.  The other day, he came home from school and told me all about optical illusions and how “the eyes are cameras for your brain.”  Yep, he’s a genius!  He also came home talking about a special little girl, his new girlfriend at school.  He spent a week, talking about her through shy, crunched up nosed faces.  He said, “all the girls know I like her and she likes me.”  He asked to watch her favorite TV show so he would “know what she likes.”  He would bring things to school in his backpack for her.  It was all too adorable until she “broke it” to get back with her old boyfriend.  I heard my husband telling him he was most likely the “rebound guy” and I was dying in the next room.  I can’t make this stuff up.  He’s an emotional and thoughtful kid (and he’s newly single ladies – HAHA!)

And my middle guy — Ooh is he funny!  This kid cracks me up to no end.  He’s warm, affectionate, and equally loves a good cuddle and a good fart.  We had his first parent teacher conference and we were delighted to find out he’s doing great in school.  His teachers say, “He gets it,” in regards to the learning materials.  He loves kitchen time, cars, trucks, and matching games.  He comes home singing “Brown Bear, Brown Bear,” and “Old McDonald.”  It’s great.  He’s a riot.  The other day, I heard him screaming in the bathroom upstairs.  I opened the door to find him naked, sitting on the rug, wrapped in toilet paper.  I took one step in and saw the poop.  Apparently, he pooped and tried to change his own diaper and got tangled in the toilet paper.  I kid you not!  Potty-training is definitely on the horizon.  In similar fashion, during our conference, his teachers informed us that during gym, they noticed he wasn’t wearing a diaper.  Immediately, we all blamed my poor husband for not sending him to school in a diaper (afterall, he did forget to send him to school with his lunch).  It was the case of the missing diaper until my husband picked him up in the parking lot and I noticed a diaper dangling from his ankle.  I guess he tried and failed to remove his diaper again.  Umm??? HAHA!

And my littlest squishy mushy smushy baby.  Oh is he a cutie.  He’s growing so fast – almost one year!  He’s climbing, standing, talking (“mama” – “dada” – “hi” – “bye-bye”).  It’s incredible.  We’ve also discovered some new things about him.  #1 – He LOVES horses.  Recently, we were at playgroup and the kids had a stuffed horse (like the size of pony).  He squealed and smiled at it.  We saw the same horse in Costco and the boy went wild — squealing, screaming, laughing.  Of course, we bought the horse and we now have a new addition to our den that delights our little guy.  By sheer coincidence, we saw two real horses in a shopping center and being the great dad that he is, my husband went running after the horses with the baby in his infant car-seat.  The baby squealed and laughed at the real horses too and he wasn’t even frightened as my husband offered him up to the horses as dinner (I on the other hand, stood watching in horror, completely trying to play it cool.)  He was so excited to be so close to such large, beautiful horses.  Anyone want to fund his equestrian lifestyle?  #2 – He is NOT allergic to anything — Yep, you heard me right.  We had a blood-test done and the pediatrician says his levels are all normal indicating ZERO allergies.  So I’ve been Milk Free Mama for almost a year for no reason?  Well, not so fast.  The gastro Dr. is confident that he has intolerance to certain foods and advises that we introduce the foods we’ve been avoiding VERY very slowly and in very small doses.  So far, he’s done okay with almonds through my breastmilk and eggs in his own diet. Amazing!  Fingers crossed!

As for me, it’s been a draining week.  I’ve been dealing with chronic breathing issues that got worse over the past several weeks.  The pulmonary specialist found nothing conclusive and suggested “anxiety” is to blame.  Well yes Doc, you’re not a genius to suggest I have anxiety – what Type A mother of three doesn’t?!  But I refused to accept that as the reason for my breathing issues and a host of other accompanying symptoms that are drastically affecting my quality of life.  I sought out help from a doctor that looked at all of my symptoms rather than just my chief complaint and through blood work he’s deduced I have Celiacs (or at least a very high gluten intolerance) along with a few other issues that are all manageable through diet, medication, and supplements.  I stuffed myself with granola, bagels, and pasta today because as of tomorrow, I am officially DAIRY, SOY, EGG, and GLUTEN FREE!   Wish me (and my marriage) luck!

And before I sign off for the night (for the second time an hour later), I’d like to reach out to my readers to send love and light to someone very close to my heart that is battling a second bout of leukemia.


Milk Free Mama