School’s Out For Summer!!!

Hooray!  Summer has finally arrived.  The two-week long hiatus between nursery and camp is over and public school is done.  Camp begins today.  And that means the “Summer of Mommy & M” has officially begun.  With camp hours lasting from early in the morning until late afternoon that also means Mommy has extra time in the day for things that have taken a back-burner over these past few hectic months.  Things like blogging, for example!  Oh how wonderful it feels to sit back down at the computer, no sticky fingers grabbing the keys shouting “Elmo” (well at least until the baby wakes up from his nap).


I am so excited for this summer.  Last summer, we were in the process of moving and it felt like most of my days were spent knee deep in boxes, garbage, and packing tape.  This summer, I will have what resembles the life of “Mom of 1” while my big kids are at day camp, leaving time to sit and enjoy the summer breeze in my beautiful, park-like backyard, time to actually walk the dog instead of letting her run around in my beautiful, park-like backyard, time to devote to my own passions (at home during nap-time), and most importantly, time for Mr. 19 months old today!

I’m excited for weekends at the pool and beach with my big boys.  I’m excited for the ice cream man’s song chiming as he drives down my street, kids jumping with excitement.  I’m excited for BBQs and experimenting with new recipes.  I’m excited for trips to my parent’s bungalow, my favorite place to be.

Truth is, I am just so happy that this fast-paced school year of firsts is over.  Kindergarten went too fast.  The Two’s went too fast.  Homework kept us busy after school.  Weekends were always filled with activities and birthday parties.  Always running, never time to just slow down and enjoy.  For me, that’s what’s most exciting about this summer.  Even though the summer months always pass so quickly, the days are long, the sun is warm, and the smiles are abundant.


So cheers to a beautiful summer my friends.  May the sangria be overflowing, the sun be shining, the children smiling, and the ice cream (dairy free too) be abundant!