I Get Knocked Down… And Sometimes I Get Up Again!

HELLO!  It’s always my intention to sit down to write and life throws a shoe at me (nope wait, that was my toddler).  Well I’m breaking my Milk Free Mama silence and attempting to get back into my groove!

The past several months have been at best, trying and at worst, unbearable.  I unexpectedly had my husband home for the summer, which most would think is amazing, but after six years of full-time parenting alone during the week, his presence didn’t leave me with the calm, warm, and fuzzies.  I was grateful that he was able to spend more time with the kids and that we had freedom in our schedule, but it wasn’t stress-free.  Starting up a new business is no joke and while I am lucky he ‘s ambitious and a go-getter, he’s equally lucky to have a supportive spouse who pushes him to strive for excellence. (Cue plug for our new business – www.studentdebtcrushers.com)

The end of the summer into the fall also brought a great darkness into the hearts of my family members as we said goodbye to my beloved Aunt.  Right now, it’s just still a bit too painful to go there, but I’ve been working on a testament piece to her beauty, grace, and bravery.  To be continued…

I spent the last ten weeks helping outgoing seniors write their college essays.  I’ve heard some incredible stories and I’ve spent MANY MANY nights awake past one, emailing back and forth with teenagers.  It helps connect me to a profession I love and miss dearly.  Go English teachers!

Between drop-offs, pick-ups, play dates, classes, after-schools, 1st grade homework, birthday parties, editing, consulting, housekeeping, etc., I am running wild.  The days of organization are long-gone as I stumble over Lego bricks in search of my keys, which are hiding under my six-year old’s bed along with my iPhone charger, $50, and the Netflix remote we’ve been searching for for over three months.  You know, he just needed these treasures.  But I digress…

I’ve been on the hamster wheel, running, running, running, non-stop in an effort to ensure the house always looks tidy, the kids always look tidy, I sometimes look tidy, and we are keeping up with all the fun life has to offer.  I’ve been stressed to say the least about many things, but last night, it took my three-year old’s wise assessment to remind me to slow down. I had just finished rushing the kids off to bed because it was later than usual and I knew I still had tons to do to get the house organized before I could sit down to fold laundry and shower.  In an effort to streamline the clean-up, I tossed a bunch of laundry and papers to trash onto my steps and I hurried down to clean it all up.  I scooped up the laundry and got to the last step, where I was greeted by the giant filled-bag from the diaper genie.  I made a cognizant effort to step over the bag to save time, rather than drop the laundry and move the bag.  So there I went, “Miss Not-So-Good-On-Her-Feet” on usual day to hopping over the dirty diapers.  Next thing I know, I am stumbling, then falling, then twisting as my foot gets caught in the baby gate, laundry flies in the air, and I land face down on the cold tile floor.  I let out a scream and I hear my big boy shout, “Mommy, are you okay?”  Then my middle guy wanders into the hallway and I look up to see two little faces peering over the railing at my sprawled out on the floor like a homicide victim attacked by a load of dirty-laundry body.  I explain that I fell down the last step with the laundry and my three-year old peers down at me and says, “Mommy, you fall because you be carrying too much stuff.  You shouldn’t be carrying the laundry and the cups and the garbage and that and that and that.”  And you know what, he’s right.  I shouldn’t have been carrying it all.  I can slow down.  I don’t need to be the superhero mom that puts on a brave face for the world, but is really stressed beyond belief.  So thank you little middle for reminding me that life is better spent playing and laughing and taking things one step at a time instead of trying to do it all at once.

And with that, I’ll say goodbye for now and go fold some laundry while the baby naps because you know it’s every mom’s dream to spend her only few quiet moments a day folding a giant load of clean laundry that attacked her the night before.