Update: Bunny Found




The Curious Case of The Missing Bunny

Where’s Bunny?

My heart is racing.  I’m sweating.  There’s panic in the pit of my stomach.

I don’t know…

It’s been three days since we realized Bunny is missing.  If I could put out an AMBER ALERT I would.  I’ve considered posting signs around the neighborhood.  I’ve been stalking a local moms’ group on Facebook hoping a kind stranger will post a FOUND photo.  I’ve taken apart my house, inch by inch, drawer by drawer, couch cushion by cushion.  Still no luck.

I’ve cried, I’ve screamed, I’ve yelled to the sky, “WHERE THE F*CK IS BUNNY!?”  I have an upside down glass on my counter and I’ve prayed to St. Anthony to help me find what’s lost and can’t be found.  Nothing’s worked so far.

Poor Bunny!  Poor middle son – where did your bunny go!?

Before you think I am an unfit pet-owner, Bunny is a beloved lovey.  And now you think I’m crazy….

But the truth is, Bunny’s been an integral part of our family since our middle dude is just three days old.  From the moment I put that Bunny near my son’s face, he grasped on and never let go.  Bunny’s been with us for all of his milestones.  Bunny has traveled with us.  Bunny has snuggled my happy boy for years.

This is not the first time Bunny’s went missing.  Bunny often finds places to hide in our house, but usually after a little searching, Bunny appears, the tears disappear, and the smiles return.  Once, Bunny went missing when we were out of the house and I retraced our steps for the day back to the rainy Toys R Us Parking lot.  Bunny was wet, and quite possibly the victim of a hit-and-run, but it was nothing a good washing and a lot of love couldn’t restore.   Bunny even got lost apple picking and we still found him!  From so much loving (and washing), Bunny has ripped multiple times and needed Bunny surgery aka Mommy’s quick sewing.  But each time, Bunny has survived and returned to the arms of his proud owner.


In the country, enjoying summer air, jumping in his brother's bed, reading a story in Maryland, lunchtime, and on his birthday!

In the country, enjoying summer air, jumping in his brother’s bed, reading a story in Maryland, lunchtime, and on his birthday!


To restore your faith in my sanity, like most good moms, I found a duplicate bunny online and stashed it away in my son’s closet in the event that Bunny permanently went missing.  Unfortunately, my son found it, denounced it as a replacement, and welcomed it to the family as Brother Bunny.

Now to crush your belief in my sanity, I allowed the bunny family to grow.  When my son got a bunny doll from Build-A-Bear, the bunny became Daddy Bunny.  This quickly followed by a 1st night of Chanukah, Mommy Bunny.  The next night of Chanukah, I was reprimanded for not having a Baby Bunny.  My son was creating a bunny family to replicate our own family.  And then he asked for a doggy bunny…

A what?!

Yep, you heard me right.  My son needed a Doggy Bunny to make the family complete and I was tasked with the hard job of actually finding a doggy doll with bunny ears.  And lo-and-behold, because I am that kind of fun, imaginative, I love where this whole bunny family thing is going kind of mom/AKA crazy, I found a Doggy Bunny and gave it to my son for Christmas.  My parents even gave him two twin bunnies that he denounced for not being part of the family, but then welcomed in as Lala and Zadie bunnies in honor of my parents.  The whole thing has gotten a bit out of control, but my middle has a zest for life and a vivid imagination and he’s such a good boy.  I’m happy to embrace his creativity.

What I am not happy about is being the mom that doesn’t know where Bunny went!  I’ve retraced our steps for the week and I am positive we had Bunny in the house.  I have no memory of Bunny ever leaving.  But Bunny isn’t in any of his usual hiding spots.  The first night there were a few tears.  And today, as I tore my house apart in panic over this adorable, tattered lovey, my son happily played on without a care in the world.  Suddenly, the importance of missing Bunny didn’t seem that important to him.  He told my husband that it’s okay and we could stop looking.  And that’s when I laid down on my closet floor and cried.


I cried because my little baby boy isn’t a baby anymore.  I cried because how can we joke that he’ll walk down the aisle with his bunny, if Bunny is gone.  He accepted the loss and rationalized that the replacement bunny is softer and acceptable.  The tears I so often wiped away when Bunny hid under the bed were gone.  Bunny, his dearest playmate, favorite show-and-tell, travel buddy is gone and he’s okay with it.  I’m so proud of him for being brave and standing tall in the face of this terrible little boy adversity, but I know the true value of Bunny and the friendship and consolation and safety he’s provided over the past three-and-a-half years, and I weep for the lost little guy.

Bunny, if you’re out there on a new adventure, be safe and have fun.  If you’re lost in the house, please send us an SOS so we can find you ASAP!