Children, & Cooking, & Crafting – OH MY!

Hello!  I’m back!  I feel too often I say, it’s been a while, but in my opinion, that’s the life of a busy mother.  It would be a change to say my passions and interests come first, but as a mom of three, my children are my priority and I am lucky if at the end of the day I have a few moments to chat on the phone while folding laundry late into the night.  Just a few nights ago, my best mommy friend and I were chatting via text when we realized it was 12 am and we were still awake.  All of our kids wake up early, so we knew we should be asleep, but our brains were still racing.  She said she read somewhere that smart people sleep less because their brains are constantly going.  I read somewhere that more sleep equals more sex, better health, and a cleansed brain.  I guess I’d rather us be dumb and having more sex and better health than being the geniuses that we are – hahah!  I kid…

In any event, unfortunately the baby (aka my two + year old) has a cold and he’s taking a nap (shocking!) and I now have a few minutes to update my blog.  And more excitingly, it’s from my new computer at my NEW desk, which finally makes my bedroom feel beautiful and gives me a sense of “Mommy only” space of clarity!  I sit here with a huge pile of laundry beside my desk, just waiting to be neatly folded and put away, but I digress…

cim desk

I actually have time to write now because I’ve already completed all the cooking I need to do for the day.  Which brings me to the topic of today’s blog — cooking and crafting – sometimes with my children and sometimes by myself!

I’ve loved to cook for a long time now, but having developed so many intolerances and allergies over the past few years (or my whole life and I just didn’t know), I am now even more excited about cooking and creating amazing flavorful dishes for my family (minus my big boy who insists on surviving on bagels, mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets, pasta, and burgers… Fortunately for all of -all of their health, I am once again sneaking jars of baby sweet potatoes and carrots into their food!).  I’ve been on a cooking frenzy and the recipes are delicious.  Check out my recipe page to try some easy recipes on your own. You’ll thank me later.  My husband said this is some of my best cooking yet!


Egg Roll In A Bowl

Egg Roll In A Bowl

Asian Brussel Sprouts

Asian Brussel Sprouts

Watching me cook, my kids are also interested in what’s going on in the kitchen.  More often than not, I hear a stool sliding across the kitchen floor as one, two, or all three are making their way to the counter to assist. “Can I help?”  Sometimes, it’s an easy YES.  I’m always grateful for a good mixer or ingredient dumper.  Sometimes, I need to ask them to just watch until I am ready for their help.  I am not ready for my kids to be touching raw chicken.  But I do like having little helpers.  I love hearing, “Mmm…What smells so delicious?” when they walk into the kitchen, even if I know whatever I am cooking is probably not something they will try willingly.

But they are almost always willing to craft with me and I love it.  People have asked me over the years, are you an artist? And I always reply, “No, I wish!  I am crafty.”  I like to create projects.  I couldn’t paint a portrait, but I am great with turning a foot print or handprint into a child-size work of art.  I grew up in a crafty family.  With my father being in the party business, I always had access to his vast supply of glitter, feathers, hot glue guns, and felt.  My mom loved to let us craft at home.  My aunt, may she rest in peace, was the ultimate crafter.  With her passing, I searched for a way to stay connected to her, and I immersed myself into crafting with the kids.  It made the kids feel close to her too since they spent many hours with her throughout their little lives baking interesting cupcakes, making chocolate lollipops, creating with popsicle sticks, painting, decorating, and transforming.  My oldest has the art bug and I am beyond proud.

bryant footprint trucks footprint trucks Image

IMG_1383 jax minion art

Inspired by Facebook shares and pinterest, I started off with handprint and foot print art.  The kids loved getting their hands and feet painted and watching their hands and feet transform into animals, trucks, and things from nature.  I also crafted valentine’s day cards using handprints and finger-prints.  I made my husband gifts.  I made beaded bracelets.

boys create 1 finished finger hearts valentine card

So essentially, although I haven’t had time for manicures and exercise and writing, I’ve spent the past month tapping into my creative side with food and feet.

Tap into your creative side and try out some projects or recipes.  Get in on the fun!