The past two years haven’t been easy…not by a long-shot.  What I thought was an amazing start to 2015 turned out to be a quick downward spiral. In an effort to take control of a life that felt like it was spinning out of control, I decided to join Rodan + Fields in the spring of 2015.  Rodan + Fields is a dermatological skincare brand sold through network marketing.  Am I a saleswoman? No.  I am a teacher and a writer, but I loved the products and saw an opportunity to grow my earning potential.  Theoretically, it was the worst time to join as I had three very small children constantly vying for my attention and my heart was breaking as I watched my aunt undergo a second bone marrow transplant. I couldn’t dedicate myself completely to my business, but it did give me an opportunity to see myself beyond a mother and it gave me a break from a reality I didn’t want to face. Fast forward a few months when my husband decided to make a career change and delve into a start-up company. All of his time and all of our resources were piled into the business and it took its toll. During that time, I lost my aunt to her long and difficult battle with Leukemia. My heart was broken into a million pieces as I tried to rally for my children. I certainly tried to put my best face forward and continue to causally pursue my business endeavor, but I was running ragged taking care of my home, my children, tutoring, and managing mine and my children’s grief.

As my husband continued to grow his start-up, facing big obstacles, I began to recognize just how truly important it is to have a back-up plan in life. I listened to stories of women that joined R+F when their husbands got laid off or when they suffered a loss that forced them to look beyond the daily grind to find a true passion. I was inspired and continue to be inspired daily.


Recently, in a conversation with my father, he said people often ask him with somewhat of a condescending tone, “So you’re daughter just stays home with her kids all day?” Being a stay-at-home mom is a huge undertaking emotionally, physically, financially, and socially, but I am not here to try to convince the naysayers that it’s an important full-time job. I was somewhat taken aback until my father told me his reply. He said something to the effects of how his daughter not only successfully runs a household with three small boys, but also she manages two businesses in her spare time – tutoring and running a skincare business. Hearing his words, I was able to take a step back to recognize how much I truly do for my family and my businesses. Every day brings new possibility, new mountains to climb, and new hurdles to jump, but thankfully, I have the support of my family and my friends to help me keep dreaming bigger and bolder!

One day, I will write that novel Grandma and I will run a successful skincare team and I will host creative writing workshops and continue to help students with their college applications and I will do it all with the fierce strength of a mom of three boys, determined to show them we can have it all if we continue to put in the effort and we continue to dream. One day, they will be great men that respect what it means to be a stay-at-home parent, understanding the value of having their mom at home with them, and understanding that commitment and perseverance in the face of any adversity can lead to success as long as they keep open minds and open hearts.

What I’ve learned over these past two years is that health is not a guarantee, circumstances can change for the worse or the better, creating my own Plan B for my family is a priority, open communication is the key to a healthy marriage, re-dedicating myself to what matters to me is important, time with family is a priority (even if it means we sit in our pjs and watch a movie) and creating my own happiness while not internalizing other peoples’ problems is essential!

So with that I will say, stay-tuned for more blogs and more recipes as I continue to document my experience as a mom of three just trying to make it all work with a smile!