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A former High School English teacher, turned stay-at-home mom, coined, “the boss” of the house, Cimberly is the proud mother to three beautiful little boys.  The first of her friends to have children, Cimberly loves doling out parenting advice (when asked for it!) and helping friends get ready for all that comes along with preparing for parenting and making it through the day with kids.  In an attempt to ease the transition to a dairy/soy-free diet to accommodate her nursing baby’s milk protein allergy, Cimberly is using her passion for writing and cooking to document her journey of a modified diet.  Along with featuring fun, new recipes, Cimberly shares stories of self-reflection and anecdotes from “the trenches” (aka surviving life with children).  Cimberly resides on Long Island, NY with her husband, Eric, three sons (J, B, & M), and  her shih-Tzu, Mollie Moo.


(In first person because now that I look back on it, third person about me creeps me out a little… But I’m leaving it up here for shits and giggles and because way back when I started this blogging journey, the third person bio made me feel legit.)

Along the way, life has changed! I became an entrepreneur. I put my teaching degree to work with my love for writing and editing and for the past eleven years, I’ve worked with rising seniors and graduate students on admissions essays. I am passionate about this work and I find collaborative writing really exciting. I also started a small business working as a consultant with Rodan + Fields, a billion dollar skincare brand. It’s fun and exciting and helps me keep up adult conversation. I’m also helping my husband with our family business, Teddy Bear Mobile, Inc. You can learn more about it and my personal initiative, Stuff Cancer, on my Favorite Things page.

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I’m still momming real hard with my three delicious boys! Life is truly a wild adventure with them, testing my patience and my limits daily, but we’re having a blast in between.



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