I wear many hats

Back again after what seems like an eternity because you know… I’ve been living life! Well actually, it’s more like I took on a WHOLE lot and I had to shift my focus from writing to other things.

But that’s okay. Here’s why:

The past three years have been somewhat of a shit-show and somewhere along the way, I lost my happy. To fill the void (and to pitch in – let’s be honest here – 3 kids, a house, and a husband in and out of work unfortunately), I took on many differing responsibilities. Each hat fit differently, but all bore the weight of expectation. I was a mother first, a housewife second, a tutor third, a skincare consultant fourth, and an editor/accountability partner with my husband for our new family business. (That’s right – in the midst of major health crap and loss, I said yes to starting another business – call me crazy, I’ve called myself way worse).

But this business wasn’t like the other ideas of the past. It has a feel good component and it actually made my husband smile (amazing!). We’ve had our moments and our bumps, but now that we are officially launched, it feels good to see it all going in a positive direction. What’s the business you might ask? We are TEDDY BEAR MOBILE, INC – a mobile create-your-own stuffed animal company. Not only do we do large events like schools, fundraisers, charities, etc., we also sell the business opportunity nationwide. Exciting!


I decided to off-shoot a little and targeted camps with my side gig (yup another one) BUNK BEARS – exclusively for camps and Girl Scout troops (cute, right?)


But as if I wasn’t already busy (because raising three boys, tending house, tutoring – love it, running a skincare biz and helping with everything else wasn’t enough), I decided to launch STUFF CANCER BEAR. And this little bear is a true labor of love (with the help of my husband of course). What is STUFF CANCER BEAR? You can learn more about it here: Stuff Cancer Bear

Here’s what I just shared with my friends and family on Facebook so you can get even more of the backstory on why this little bear means a great deal to me:

“Today, I invited my entire FB network to like Stuff Cancer Bear – a few of you did, and I greatly appreciate it. For the curious or skeptical, I wanted to take a moment to jump on and share with you why I asked you to like this page. I’ll start at the beginning…

When I was twenty-five years old, I was coming up on my one year wedding anniversary and finishing my second year of teaching. I was having chronic pelvic and lower back pain, but much to my dismay, none of my gynecologists could figure out why. Unfortunately, what I found out at the start of my summer was that I had a grapefruit size mass on my ovary, attached to my tube as well. I went in for emergency surgery, was sliced down the abdomen (leaving an upsetting scar), and I was diagnosed with a Borderline Ovarian Tumor. This was NOT a cyst. This was not a FIBROID. This was a tumor that while not full-blown cancer, had malignant properties with enough weight to be classified as a type of Ovarian Cancer. If you’re interested, you can read more about my journey here: https://milkfreemama.com/?p=271

Shortly after I recovered and became pregnant (what a miracle, truly), my aunt was diagnosed with Leukemia… This is the part many of you know about. She was a fighter and so brave throughout her journey — you can read more about our special connection here: https://milkfreemama.com/?p=570

During her battle with cancer, our entire family became VERY close with the organization that matched her with her donor – Gift of Life Marrow Registry. They saw her through her bone marrow transplants, honored her at their walks, empowered her to give back, and memorialized her after she passed. Her picture hangs proudly on their Florida office wall.

Stuff Cancer Bear is my tribute to her, my tribute to my grandfather who battled cancer as well, and a personal reminder of my inner strength to persevere. This bear is on a mission to raise money and awareness as well as spread a universal message of coming together to end cancer. I reached out to Gift of Life Marrow Registry and immediately received their support, as well as the gracious support of Pediatric Cancer Foundation (an organization we walked for many times in the past). Together, it is our hope that the STUFF CANCER BEAR will spread smiles across the nation to those battling cancers, those that survived cancer, and those that have family members affected by cancer. 25% of the proceeds of each bear will go to the aforementioned charities and for every 5 bears sold, we will donate 1 to a child undergoing treatment (because that’s just shit and those brave kids deserve every chance to be spoiled and to be smiling).

What I need from you: In order to gain nationwide support, I need my friends and family to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – like our page @StuffCancerBear, follow us on Instagram @stuffcancerbear, and SHARE ANY post from our Facebook wall with your network. If you are interested in purchasing a bear, please visit our website at: https://teddybearmobile.com/animals-and-outfits…

You can designate where your $ goes (We are also partnered with Plainview’s chapter of Relay For Life).

I am forever grateful for my friends and family that held me up when I was undergoing surgery and recovery and I am eternally grateful to the friends that steadied me when I lost my aunt Randi Fuchs Igoe and continue to let me speak about her whenever I need to and for those beautiful people that held my hand when I suddenly lost my grandpa. You are the reason that I haven’t lost my shit and the reason why I am able to rally in the face of adversity and pay it forward with Stuff Cancer Bear. xoxo”


7516821136_IMG_9871 7516821136_IMG_9853

So you see, STUFF CANCER BEAR is on a serious mission to do good and even if it’s another hat I have to wear, I wear this one proudly atop my other hats because this one is helping me take back a bit of my happy.

There you have it —



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