Picture Perfect

Hello hello!

Today, I am thinking about being picture perfect. Perfect blowout, perfect manicure, outfit on point. Perfect husband in the perfect relationship, holding hands and kissing in every photo. Perfect children never fighting, hair brushed and matching outfits perfectly clean. Those pictures look good right? Makes you feel a little jealous right?

WRONG! This blog is all about being honest and real. I live my life honest and real – sometimes to a fault. I am open about my health problems. Some days (like today) I exist in a messy bun and sweatpants, barely any makeup on. My relationship with my husband is far from perfect. We have tough moments and hurtful moments mixed with the really strong connection we share. My children are not little angels. They fight all day long. In fact, I would say it’s 90% fighting and 10% playing nicely. Their outfits are never perfect – one always has a torn knee and someone invariable gets oil on his nicest shirt.

Why am I an open book? It’s just plain easier than pretending everything is always great. That in and of itself becomes a job and I have too many jobs to juggle at the moment thank you. I NEVER want anyone to feel that perfection equals happiness. It doesn’t. I can guarantee the people who claim to live perfect lives or the people that never voice complaints about their spouse or the people that believe their children are always perfect are not rooted in reality. Because no one is EVER perfect and being unable to commiserate or share truthful feelings stunts your ability to live honestly and to feel surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Now that may seem like a harsh thing to say, but if you’re following this blog, then you too revel in being true to yourself, so you know that with being open about imperfections and embracing being a work in progress allows you the freedom to not be perfect.

Being perfect is not easy. It takes a lot of work. And I’d rather be perfectly imperfect.



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